Europe vs China: Is it Worth Choosing Cycling Clothing Made in Asia?

Have you ever wondered where the clothes you wear every day come from? More and more garments produced on the world market come from Asian countries, which offer lower production costs. Is it worth choosing cycling clothing sewn in Europe, rather than, for example, in China? We will try to answer this question, presenting the advantages of European production over Asian.

6 Reasons Why Premium Cycling Clothing Should be Made in Europe

We have always emphasized that we produce in our country, which is Poland. Many clothing companies are already moving or considering moving part of their production outside of China. As the trade war between the US and China is causing and accelerating changes in global supply chains.

The move away from China is largely driven by American companies, but European entrepreneurs are also increasingly looking for cheaper or geographically closer sources. A study conducted by Qima estimates that 67% of companies based in the EU, have already started sourcing from new countries. This year or plan to do so in the near future.

European cycling apparel brand as Luxa  take care about environment around us

1. Sewing quality and materials

One important aspect is the involvement of skilled and experienced workers. Our Luxa brand uses high-quality European materials (mainly sourcing from Italian suppliers). The sewing process follows European quality standards, which translates into better finishing of our products and greater durability. The production of cycling clothing in Europe takes place in strict, controlled conditions – in accordance with the rigorous quality standards on EU countires. As a result, products not only gain better finishing but also significantly higher resistance to wear. Long-lasting use and customer satisfaction. We are proud of our Polish sewing team and numerous domestic contractors. Employing local specialists, who have extensive knowledge in the field of sewing and sports clothing construction, ensures that every element of the outfit is carefully crafted. Products meet the highest quality standards.

2. Environmental responsibility

Clothing production in Europe (usually) takes place with respect for the environment. Luxa focuses on durable materials with appropriate certifications, and we strive to minimize CO2 emissions during production each year. Less transportation, local economic dynamics, product certifications, environmental standards, and supervised working conditions… All of this is good for us, and most importantly, good for the planet! By choosing our clothing, you also support the care for our common environment. You can read more about our path to sustainable development here.

3. Compliance with labor rights

By choosing cycling clothing from manufacturers like Luxa, you support the development of local communities, innovations, sustainable growth. Values that improve many people’s living and working conditions. In European Union countries, including Poland, strict regulations apply to labor rights. As a result, when choosing cycling clothing sewn in Europe, you can be sure that it is not the result of slave labor. Workers involved in production receive appropriate remuneration and working conditions.

Unfortunately, in countries like China, the violation of workers’ rights is a common phenomenon. In many cases, factories commissioning clothing production apply practices that disrespect basic human rights. Examples of such situations include improper working conditions, low wages, lack of proper insurance, or even the exploitation of child labor.

By purchasing cycling clothing made in Europe, we invest in quality and express our commitment to social and ethical issues. In this way, we can contribute to improving the working and living conditions of many people. Promoting values such as fairness and respect for human rights.

It is also worth noting that European law assumes equal opportunities and prohibits discrimination based on gender, age, origin, religion, or sexual orientation. Therefore, by supporting clothing from our continent, you contribute to promoting equality and respect in the workplace.

guy is wearing Luxa European cycling clothing and holding the tree

4. Shorter production time and lower transportation costs

By producing clothing in Poland, we can significantly reduce the order processing time, which translates into greater customer satisfaction. In doing so, we avoid delays associated with long-lasting maritime or air transport, which often occur during the import of products from Asian countries. Moreover, by choosing local manufacturers, we reduce our impact on the environment. Shorter transportation routes mean less fuel consumption and lower greenhouse gas emissions, contributing to reducing the carbon footprint of our products. It is also worth noting that faster order processing allows for more flexible management of collections. This leads to better adaptation to changing trends and customer needs.

5. Price differences – is it worth paying extra for more expensive products?

Although cycling clothing manufactured in Europe may be slightly more expensive than those from Asian countries. It is worth considering the range of benefits that come with choosing higher-quality products. Unfortunately, some companies decide to move production to China, Vietnam, or Cambodia in search of lower cost – but their products often have a higher price than those offered by local brands producing in Europe or other European Union countries. By choosing consciously, customers can be sure that their money is invested in valuable products. This means they’re not just spending on costly marketing campaigns or high margins.

6. Supporting the local market and economy

Buying products and services from local entrepreneurs is not only beneficial for that one company. By shopping at domestic brands, we support the local economy instead of directing money into the pockets of multimillion-dollar global corporations.

Many smaller businesses take pride in being locally managed and make an effort to support other local entities. They do this by purchasing items they may need from other local companies, suppliers, and manufacturers. All of this helps the local economy grow and become stronger. Investing in the local economy can bring good to ourselves and the entire environment, family, and friends.

At Luxa, we proudly collaborate with businesses in Poland and suppliers in Europe. Having a solid team that we can rely on helps us gain confidence in the cycling clothing we offer. As medium-sized business owners, we believe it is a wonderful feeling to know exactly who we are working with and where our money goes.

Discover the benefits of choosing locally produced cycling clothing

As a result, when choosing clothing from our country, we make a decision that goes beyond a simple purchase of clothes. We become part of a larger idea that emphasizes ethics, quality, and responsibility. Together, we support local entrepreneurs, protect the natural environment, and contribute to improving living and working conditions for many people. It is not only an investment in our comfort as consumers but also a contribution to a better tomorrow for the local community. After all, the world can become a better place for everyone when we strive to protect it while enjoying life and cycling in our favorite brand’s clothing.

Is Premium Cycling Apparel Worth It?

Premium cycling clothing can be quite the investment, and it’s natural to wonder if it’s worth the higher price tag. To better understand the value of premium cycling apparel, let’s consider various factors such as materials, performance, comfort, durability, and style.

Investing in premium cycling apparel can be cost-effective in the long run. High-quality materials and construction result in a longer-lasting product, which means you won’t have to replace your gear as frequently. This can be particularly beneficial for avid cyclists who put their gear through a lot of wear and tear.

“Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.” – Warren Buffett

Another aspect of the value of premium clothing is the quality of customer service. Higher-end brands often provide better support and assistance in case of any issues. This may include flexible return policies, product exchanges, or warranty coverage. Additionally, such brands typically have well-trained and knowledgeable customer service teams. They can offer personalized advice, product recommendations, and assistance with any concerns. This level of customer care can contribute to a more satisfying and seamless shopping experience. It further justifies the higher price tag of premium apparel.

A man stands in a square in a Spanish town on Tenerife and rolls up the sleeve of his Luxa cycling jersey.

Owning premium cycling gear can be a status symbol for some cyclists. It signifies their dedication to the sport and their willingness to invest in high-quality equipment. This can contribute to a sense of pride and self-expression. It showcases not only their taste but also their commitment to the cycling community. However, each clothing item may differ slightly, and no single brand is a perfect fit for everyone. So, you’ll always have to do some experimenting to find what really works for you.