Czech Republic – Moravia short cycling trip

Are you looking for the perfect place for a weekend trip that is not far from the Polish border? Read and take a look at our photo report that may encourage you to go cycling in this area.

Not only did Mateusz join to our group but also Mateusz and Krzysiek’s father and thanks to him you can admire these good photos.

We were starting from Lancut and we were heading towards Bruntal which is 450km far from us. As always it was hard for us to start out early so we had a long delay at the very beginning.

Despite the fact that the forecasts hadn’t been positive, it turned out that the weather was fine.  We decided that we would get to our main destination later which is Praděd because the weather was supposed to be better on Sunday. So we chose a nice restaurant instead and it was called „Křížový vrch”. I noticed this place in the village Jesenik. After all, we cycle more to eat more 😉

At the beginning we had to cycle up for most of the time. The condition of the roads wasn’t bad but in the area of Bělá pod Pradědem it was not so good. We had a lot of fun later so that we overlooked the stop sign but fortunately we managed to cycle further. In Jesenik, it turned out that we had only 2km of cycling up to get to the restaurant.

The Czech menu was confusing because instead of getting an apple pie we got a baked apple. However, nobody complained because it was really tasty.

The road on our way down was very narrow. Sebastian and Piotrek were cycling down like crazy and at some point they had to cycle on the hard shoulder because of the incoming car.

During our return we had to overcome 3 hills and we managed to cycle on them quite quickly due to the small slope. We got home just before the sunset. We stayed there for an hour and we went to the city to eat pizza and drink beer.

On the second they we got up early, packed up quickly and we ate a lot of chocolate bars. We got to Karlova Studanka by car. There was a milk bar next to the parking lot. We all ate michana that is scrambled eggs and we drank a coffee.

As a warm up we were heading to Pradad. The road up was much easier than we had thought.

At the bottom it was terribly cold but the higher we went the warmer it was. The way down from Pradad became very pleasant and fast but at the beginning it was crowded with a lot of tourists. The original plan was to cycle the loop around Praded but after 40km Sebastian’s gear broke down. It was too long distance so he returned to the car – all way up.

Four of us were cycling further and it went quite smoothly.

Heading towards Bělá pod Pradědem we encountered a closed road but such a problem is not a problem at all!

The way up had only a few kilometres of asphalt on the road so that at the very end there was only the ground. We recommend going to this place after finishing the road renovation.

At the top we met the rest of our team. We were thinking what to do because it was already late and we had to come back to Poland that day. Here came the idea of going to Jesenik to the pub where we were the day before. Taking into consideration the time and good food we decided to go there again. Sebastian and Krzysiek’s father were waiting for us at the top and they were taking photos at the same time. We had to cycle 2km way up that was really steep.

We ended a successful days with a delicious dinner in a restaurant with traditional Polish cuisine which is McDonald’s 😉

Two small tips:

In the Czech Republic it is better to cycle one by one because the Czechs do not tolerate cycling in groups of two.

When going to Pradad we recommend going on Monday-Friday because you will avoid the crowds of tourists that may disrupt your ride.

The Czech Republic has proved to us that it is a friendly country for cyclists. The slopes are long and the views are attractive. Certainly, we will come back to this area again!